Athens 22/08/2017: Assodivers Group has been awarded a contract by Energinet and 50Hertz Transmission GmbH for the burial and protection of approximately 2 x 24,000m submarine cables for the Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution Project (Kriegers Flak CGS).

The project will establish the world’s first offshore interconnection to demonstrate and test offshore windstation AC grid connections to more than one country and use of the combined AC transmission interconnector for crossborder electricity trading. The future Danish Kriegers Flak windfarm and the German Baltic 2 windfarm are located less than 30 km from each other in the Baltic Sea. They will be connected via two 150 kV AC submarine cables, securing transfer of energy of around 400 MW between the Danish and the German Windfarms.

ASDG will be responsible for the burial & protection of the abovementioned cables. The project execution is foreseen during Q2 and Q3 of 2018 in two campaigns respectively (prior and upon completion of cable laying activities). 

The contract comprises of boulder removal activities, pre-trenching operations by means of jetting and ploughing, PLB jetting, reinstatement of the seabed  and relevant surveys.

For the execution of the works, ASDG will utilize the Construction Support Vessel Aethra equipped with:

  • The latest development of ASDG, a Jetting vehicle with 1.3MW power, namely the AssoJet III;
  • The SMD's newest innovation in pre-lay plough technology - the 150T Multi-Functional Pre-Lay Plough;
  • A hydraulic boulder removal grapple and;
  • The Work Class ROV Atom I.

Over the past years, ASDG has moved ahead with major investments in new and upgraded installation and protection assets, broadening the range of its offered services and innovative technologies and this award demonstrates our capacity and capability to support the demands of this growing industry and provide solutions for our clients around the world.

The European Commission has appointed Kriegers Flak – Combined Grid Solution as a Project of Common Interest (PCI). This indicates that the interconnection is of particular importance to the development of a common European electricity market. The EU project is funded with up to EUR 150 million from the European Energy Programme for Recovery.

HeadAssodivers Group has been involved in offshore activities since its establishment in 1976. The group specializes in the provision of turn-key services for submarine cable installation, protection and repair projects, utilizing specially designed equipment and marine means. Our list of services includes submarine cable loading, transportation, laying, pulling and landing onshore as well as sea trench excavation by means of trenching and/or jetting techniques, offshore mattress installation and provision of pre and post installation survey.

Acting either as a turn-key solution contractor or as a subcontractor, Assodivers has been involved nationally and globally in a variety of projects for some of the leading cable manufacturers of the Telecommunication, Power and Alternative Energy Industries such as Alcatel, Fulgor, Nexans, NKT, NSW, Prysmian and service owners such as OTE, PPC, REE and Terna.